(In no specific order)

  • Swim with dolphins
  • Stay at the Golden Nugget in Old Vegas
  • Participate in a Color Run (5K)
  • Publish a second children's book
  • Take each child on a trip to anywhere [their choice - TBD]
  • Travel to Prague and visit the Lennon Wall and place a love lock on the gate
  • Open an Etsy Shop and sell fabric children's books
  • Win a gold medal at the Lineberry Olympics
  • Family trip to Disney World and Harry Potter World at Universal Studios
  • Find a book series that I love as much as Hunger Games
  • Finish writing a young adult novel
  • Travel to Ireland
  • Become a contestant on Wheel of Fortune
  • Get my Master's degree
  • Volunteer abroad
  • Celebrate my 10th anniversary outside of the country (TBD)
  • Go down the huge water slide at Atlantis in the Bahamas
  • Catch a huge fish
  • Attend summer camp as a family at Callaway Gardens
  • Go to Fenway Park
  • Tour Alcatraz
  • Zipline!
  • Travel to the Grand Canyon
  • Travel to Greece
  • Hot Air Balloon Ride

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